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AWS Cloud Tutorial

AWS HOME AWS Intro AWS Cloud Certification AWS Get Started AWS Cloud Computing AWS Cloud Benefits AWS EC2 Intro AWS EC2 Instance Types AWS EC2 Pricing AWS EC2 Scaling AWS EC2 Auto Scaling AWS Elastic Load Balancing AWS Messaging AWS SNS AWS SQS AWS Serverless AWS Lambda AWS Containers AWS ECS AWS EKS AWS Fargate AWS First Recap AWS Infrastructure AWS Regions AWS Availability Zones AWS Edge Locations AWS Provision AWS Provision Services AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS CloudFormation AWS Second Recap AWS Networking AWS Connectivity AWS Subnet and Access AWS Global Networking AWS Third Recap AWS Storage and DBs AWS Instance Stores AWS EBS AWS S3 AWS EBS vs S3 AWS Elastic File System AWS RDS AWS DynamoDB AWS DynamoDB vs RDS AWS Redshift AWS DMS AWS Additional DB Services AWS Fourth Recap AWS Cloud Security AWS Shared Responsibility AWS User Access AWS Organizations AWS Cloud Compliance AWS DDoS AWS Other Services AWS Fifth Recap AWS Monitoring and Analytics AWS CloudWatch AWS CloudTrail AWS TrustedAdvisor AWS Sixth Recap AWS Pricing and Support AWS Free Tier AWS Pricing Models AWS Billing Dashboard AWS Consolidated Billing AWS Budgets AWS Cost Explorer AWS Support Plans AWS Marketplace AWS Seventh Recap AWS Migration and Innovation AWS Cloud Adoption Framework AWS Migration Strategies AWS Snow Family AWS Innovation AWS Eight Recap AWS Cloud Journey AWS Well-Architected Framework AWS Cloud Benefits AWS Ninth Recap AWS Exam Preparation

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Tutorial

AWS Cloud Tutorial

Learn AWS

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This tutorial gives an overview of the AWS cloud.

It will teach you AWS concepts, services, security, architecture, and pricing.

In addition, this tutorial will help you prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam.

Why Learn AWS Cloud?

This skill offers many job opportunities.

AWS is one of the major cloud providers.

You can do everything in the AWS cloud.

Tutorial Overview

Format: Text and video.

Prerequisites: None.

Time to complete: Eight hours.

Content collaboration: W3schools.com collaborates with Amazon Web Services on this tutorial to deliver digital training content to our students.