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Sass Tutorial

Sass is a CSS pre-processor.

Sass reduces repetition of CSS and therefore saves time.

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Examples in Each Chapter

Our "Show Sass" tool makes it easy to learn Sass, it shows both the code and the result.

Sass Example

/* Define standard variables and values for website */
$bgcolor: lightblue;
$textcolor: darkblue;
$fontsize: 18px;

/* Use the variables */
body {
  background-color: $bgcolor;
  color: $textcolor;
  font-size: $fontsize;

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Sass Function References

At W3Schools you will find complete references of all Sass functions with syntax and examples.

Sass String Functions

Sass Numeric Functions

Sass List Functions

Sass Map Functions

Sass Selector Functions

Sass Introspection Functions

Sass Color Functions