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Sass String Functions

Sass String Functions

The string functions are used to manipulate and get information about strings.

Sass strings are 1-based. The first character in a string is at index 1, not 0.

The following table lists all string functions in Sass:

Function Description & Example
quote(string) Adds quotes to string, and returns the result.

quote(Hello world!)
Result: "Hello world!"
str-index(string, substring) Returns the index of the first occurrence of the substring within string.

str-index("Hello world!", "H")
Result: 1
str-insert(string, insert, index) Returns string with insert inserted at the specified index position.

str-insert("Hello world!", " wonderful", 6)
Result: "Hello wonderful world!"
str-length(string) Returns the length of string (in characters).

str-length("Hello world!")
Result: 12
str-slice(string, start, end) Extracts characters from string; start at start and end at end, and returns the slice.

str-slice("Hello world!", 2, 5)
Result: "ello"
to-lower-case(string) Returns a copy of string converted to lower case.

to-lower-case("Hello World!")
Result: "hello world!"
to-upper-case(string) Returns a copy of string converted to upper case.

to-upper-case("Hello World!")
Result: "HELLO WORLD!"
unique-id() Returns a unique randomly generated unquoted string (guaranteed to be unique within the current sass session).

Result: tyghefnsv
unquote(string) Removes quotes around string (if any), and returns the result.

unquote("Hello world!")
Result: Hello world!